those cramped airline seats can be a pain

06 Aug
stretch in the airport
stretch when you can

It’s so glamorous to think of flying off to some far away place, but getting there is not always glamorous. A long trip can easily make one’s body stiff and tense after hours of being couped up. Especially if you’re unlucky enough to be crammed in the middle of 6 other passengers.

I’m sure it looks good on paper, but our bodies are just NOT designed to be cramped into these ridiculous seating arrangements for hours.

But if you like to travel, or you travel a lot, it’s a must to find your own special way to convert this small little space into your own personal gym…without looking like a total freak.

It’s pretty easy to make your body happier just by small little shifts of your body in your seat every now and again. Yes, it’s really possible to stretch in that little cramped space! Practice being small and lithe, and I say that as a rather large woman. It works and you won’t tick off the person tightly squeezed next to you.

Try these little movements next time you’re in a cramped space.

NECK: gently tilt your head to one side until you feel a gentle stretch. Take a deep inhale and exhale as you tilt and hold on each side. Hold a few seconds before stretching to the other side.

SHOULDERS part 1: Slowly. Smoothly. Move your shoulders forward, rolling them up, then roll them backwards as you roll them back down. Do this three times in one direction. Switch directions.

SHOULDERS part 2: Bring your hands into the small of your back with palms facing out. Push your elbows back. Imagine your upper crust expanding across the hull of the plane, but don’t expand across the seats of your partners.

ANKLES: Lift one foot and circle your toes in one direction, and then the opposite direction.

BUTTOCKS: Squeeze your buttocks together hard. Hold. Take a deep inhale and exhale as you hold the squeeze. Release. Do this many times until your butt can’t sqeeze anymore.

And then, get up and walk. Don’t be afraid to get up and walk up and down the aisle. Walk to the toilet, even if you don’t use the toilet. You want to get circulation into your limbs. If the poor trapped gentleman (or woman) next acts annoyed…think positive. Remember, you’re inspiring them to get up and move too.

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