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You cannot be truly healthy if you are out of alignment.

You cannot be truly honest with yourself or others if your head and heart exist as two separate forces within you;

You cannot ever know what the fulfilled life is about if you are always compromising your intuition and inner guidance for fear of the consequences;

You can never consider yourself a truly honest person if you live a life of continual compromise and self-betrayal.

Nor can you fully heal when you fear truth and honesty.

Whether you have a meditation practice or not, remind yourself to pay attention to your thoughts as you act and react to situations. You will find that you replay over and over the same narratives to describe your experiences and interactions.

The power of your story will dictate how you act and react to the environments around you.

Are you are living the life of hard knocks? Or are you living a life that is polishing you from coal to diamond?

Today, turn your attention to the language you use and the thoughts you have that explain your life and the world around you. Story is so embedded in our experience that it’s often invisible, but this is where we can truly make a difference.

Our personal stories impact our emotional wellbeing and human experience. Our thought processes follow the same training principles that we use to train our bodies.

In other words, stories are “muscular.” Each telling is a repetition, whether out loud or in our mind. With repeated tellings, the story becomes more powerful in our experience, leading the way for our observations, expectations, attitudes and behavior.

Once we understand the true depth and power of narrative in our lives, we become a lot more mindful of the stories that we tell and listen to.